Beer, Basement Bowling, and A Man Named Joe…

Hello Milwaukee,

On a Monday, where the Roman Coin is closed, I walk into the side entrance only to see Scott and Teri jabbering about something in regards to the tavern. Scott is on the phone, and trying patiently to I think get off it, as Teri is persistent on reminding him softly on some particulars to mention to the individual on the other end. There are laptops open and papers scattered, makeshift bar offices at a table here, a counter there. Scott’s dog Pepper is looming sort of just moseying around as it’s the living room at home, and the lights and neon are just faint enough not to be so inviting as usual to patrons, that the bar is indeed closed, for their is work to be done!

I sit down with both Teri & Scott and start what is the first interview of “Sesh*Mke” and a beginning of more to come, which will all be held here at The Historic Regano’s Roman Coin. I never thought twice about starting this way in introducing this project. As you will hear below the history of this tavern takes on two very distinguished routes. One being that the tavern was a project of the late Pabst architect “Otto Strack”  a Tide House, the building holds spots on the National & State registries and has been an cornerstone for not just the Brady St. community, but Milwaukee. However, you will also hear of a personal struggle, a family owned and ran establishment since the doors opened with the Regano name on Dec 15th, 1966. Teri Regano, enlightens us of the history and the changes she has seen in her years here at 1004 East Brady Street, and touches on what it takes to keep such a place, full of history still breathing.

With the introduction of Mr. Scott Hicks into the fold as co-owner, the Roman Coin is buzzing more than ever, being such an old tavern, it’s attracting such a younger crowd, but yet still a crowd that Teri says “appreciates & respects where they are”. In my personal  experience, The Roman Coin is not just a tavern, it embodies what this great city is all about, It planted itself within this neighborhood, rolled up it’s sleeves and still stands strong today, helping revitalize the Brady St. Association and a constant love & deep appreciation for community, and it’s local businesses. I like to think that when I walk in here, see my friends, have the dogs playing with one another, having a cold one and seeing those row of windows light up with that Wisconsin sun shining right in, that man.. I can’t help but wonder what Joe Regano would think of this tavern now-Teri, simply states “I think he’d love it!”

Great Job Teri & Scott-Cheers!

You can find The Historic Regano’s Roman coin at 1004 E. Brady st, as well as on Facebook for all you’re daily specials and activities. Please Enojoy the full interview with Teri Regano & Scott Hicks below.

Thank You So Much,

Luke Eshleman


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